Ireland has an ideal climate for growing forests and has a very generous Grant and Premium Scheme which incentivises landowners to convert land to forests. All costs involved in afforestation are typically covered by grant aid and the owner will also receive an annual forest premium for the first 20 years.

Arbor’s team of professional foresters works closely with the landowner to ensure that their objectives are being met. In addition to this, we will maintain their forest in a manner that maximises the commercial benefit to the owner.

A full breakdown of the new premium rates can be found in the table below. This figures are correct as of January 2023.

FTForest TypesProposed Annual Premium /haProposed Duration of Premiums for farmersProposed Duration of Premiums for non farmers
FT1Native Forests€1,1032015
FT2Forests for Water€1,1422015
FT3Forests on Public LandsN/AN/AN/A
FT5Emergent Forest€3502015
FT6Broadleaf, mainly oak€1,0372015
FT7Other Broadleaf€9732015
FT9Seed Orchards€1,1422015
FT10Continuous Cover Forestry€9122015
FT11Mixed High Forests: Conifer, 20% broadleaves€8632015
FT12Mixed High Forests with mainly spruce, 20% broadleaves€7462015

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