Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1.Do I need permission to plant my land?2020-08-24T13:00:51+01:00

Yes, approval must be obtained from the Forest Service in order to carry out work on your land. A registered forester must complete and sign the relevant paperwork. One of Arbor’s registered foresters can look after that for you and submit the paperwork on your behalf.

2. Who maintains the forestry plantation?2020-08-24T13:10:10+01:00

After a site is planted, we will maintain your plantation on an ongoing basis for a period of 4 years. The Forest Service inspect the forestry at the end of the 4th year of establishment to ensure it is up to standard.

3. What species can I plant?2020-08-24T13:10:53+01:00

Our forester will carry out a site inspection and will discuss what species would suit your land before an application is submitted to the Forest Service.

4.How much forestry premiums will I receive per year?2023-10-10T12:15:59+01:00

The forestry premiums vary from €746 to €1,142 per hectare, per year, depending on the species planted. The premium is paid annually for 20 years for farmers and 15 years for non-farmers.

5.Are the forestry premium payments tax free?2020-08-24T13:15:18+01:00

Yes, forestry premium payments are tax free.

6.What work is covered by the grant payments?2020-08-24T13:15:54+01:00

Generally, all costs associated with the establishment of a plantation are covered by the grant. If there is an additional cost that won’t be covered by the grant, this will be discussed before work is carried out.

7.How do I apply for my annual forestry premium payment?2020-08-24T13:17:52+01:00

You can apply for your premium online on the Department of Agriculture’s website https://www.agriculture.gov.ie/forestservice/  You can apply for your premium in early November and payment will issue the following January. Arbor is glad to help clients apply for their annual premium online.

8.When can I thin my forest?2021-01-07T17:11:37+00:00

Between year 15 and year 20 first thinning can be carried out on the plantation.

9.Who carries out the work?2020-09-03T18:41:25+01:00

We will arrange and carry out all necessary work on site.

10.Do I have to replant my land after the trees are clearfelled?2020-08-24T13:20:04+01:00

Yes, you have a legal obligation to replant the land after clearfelling has taken place. The cost of this work is covered by your timber returns.

11.Can you harvest my land if you didn’t originally plant it?2020-08-24T13:20:32+01:00

Yes we can carry out work on land that we haven’t planted. We can apply for a felling licence on your behalf, arrange for the timber to be harvested, extracted and sold to local sawmills.

12.Do I need a forest road?2020-08-24T13:21:21+01:00

Forest roads are a very important part of the harvesting process. A good road ensures the timber can be extracted from the plantation efficiently.

13.The Forest Service require a 10 year management plan, is this something you can help me with?2020-08-24T13:21:40+01:00

Yes, your local forester will carry out a site inspection and complete the 10 year management plan. The Forest Service provide a once off payment of €300 towards the cost of the management plan.

14.Do you buy mature forestry?2020-08-24T13:22:10+01:00

We have many clients who are interested in purchasing mature forestry and bare land to plant. There is a strong demand for forestry investment. Our forester will discuss your options and assess the land to see if it is suitable for investment.